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The super Mario franchise will be the best selling in gaming. Mario will be a global icon that will appear on everything. The game must have super Mario in the title. Here is the best new super Mario.

Best new super Mario:

  • Super Mario galaxy 2:

It is super Mario galaxy but it will be better. The features will be the greatest level designs in the series and its world will be beautiful. Super Mario galaxy 2 will felt repetitive and original super-mario-galaxy-2have come out three years earlier. It will be the greatest 3D platformer ever made and it will be single best Mario game.

  • Super Mario world:

The last 2D Mario game before the new super Mario bros series will be the best. It perfects the super Mario bros 3 and it looks more colourful and improved graphics. The lovable dinosaur will become a staple in the Mario and star of his own series.

  • Super Mario galaxy:

Super Mario galaxy will be platted forming bliss. This will allow the players to do crazy things like entire circumference in one bounce.

  • Super Mario 64:

3D gaming will be far perfected and this Nintendo 64 will show to everyone how it was done. Super Mario 64 will be the most amazing game in the series since it is original. This is first notable 3D platformer and it remains one of the best in gaming history.

  • Super Mario bros 3:

Super Mario bros 3 will feel like the truest to the original. It will feature similar to the gameplay as the first super Mario bros. Levels will be more complicated and you will have a super-mario-broslot of power ups to collect. It will introduce the idea of an overworld map for the levels.

  • Super Mario bros:

Super Mario bros tool digital entertainment away from the high scores and it introduced to the thrill jumping on enemies. It still holds the fantastic platformer.

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  • Super Mario sunshine:

Super Mario sunshine will be a direct follow-up to the Nintendo 64 classic. The levels will be focused on exploration and on linear progression. Sunshine will feature a tropical setting and it will give a Mario water pack so that Mario will squirt enemies.

  • Super Mario 3D land:

Mario is the greatest portable adventure and that allows experiencing the 3D platforming. Since the 3D glasses will play an important part in helping the players to find the secrets and difficult jumps. It will remain one of the best uses of the portable capabilities.

  • Super Mario 3D world:

Super Mario 3D world will be the great platformer from the console new super Mario bros. This is one of the best the series that have ever introduced. The cat suit power-up which lets the Mario friends to climb up walls.

Hope you have understood the best new super Mario. A fresh new take on a series that always seems to find away in a super Mario.