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Today, the video games are becoming more popular in all over the world and people of all ages are playing the video games in their leisure time. There are lots of video games are out there to play. Here, we’re going to discuss the original super Mario bros and Super Mario bros download.

what-are-super-mario-brosThe super Mario bros are easy to play and one can easily download the super Mario bros to their android mobile phones and it is a single player and multiplayer game.

What are Super Mario bros?

Super Mario bros is a platform video game that was developed by a Nintendo and the composer of the game is Koji Kondo. This game can be played on the various platforms that include Android, Wii, Nintendo entertainment systems, Nintendo 3DS, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy, Arcade game, GameCube, Game & Watch, and so on.

Original Super Mario bros:

The original super Mario bros were designed in a great manner and this game comes with various kinds of different levels. The characters in the super Mario bros are very nice. There are only two playable characters are found in the super Mario bros game that includes Mario and Luigi. Moreover, this game contains two supporting characters such as Princess Toadstool and Mushroom retainers.

Transformations of the playable characters:

The playable characters can take more than three transformations to save them from the enemies. Mario is one of the playable characters of the super Mario bros and this character can take the following transformations,

  • Small Mario
  • Super Mario
  • Fire Mario
  • Invincible Mario

Each transformation of the Mario gains some power when it takes different transformations.

transformations-of-the-playable-charactersElements in the Super Mario Bros:

The super Mario bros have excellent elements in this game. The following are the elements found in the super Mario bros.

  • Coin
  • Mushroom
  • Fire flower
  • Superstar
  • 1-Up mushroom

If we capture the elements in the super Mario bros game, we can gain more points. For example, if the player captures coin, the player will get 200 points. The player collects 100 coins; he/she get an extra life.

  1. Super mushroom:

If the players capture super mushroom, they can get 1000 points and it gives super form to the Mario.

  1. Fire flowers:

If you capture the fire flower, you can get 1000 points and at the same time, you can get the power to shoot fireballs.

  1. Superstar:

The superstar is something different. If we capture the superstar, it gives invincibility for a moment.

  1. 1-Up Mushroom:

It is rare to see the 1-Up mushroom in the super Mario bros and if we capture the 1-Up mushroom, we will get an extra life.


Super Mario bros is a nice game to play and it is easy to download the super Mario bros. This game can be played on several platforms and the characters and supporting characters in the super Mario bros are very nice. These are all about the super Mario bros and super Mario bros download.