Bestseller No. 1
New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe - Nintendo Switch
  • Two games in One, for double the fun. simple, straightforward controls, new playable characters optimized for younger and less experienced players, and a wealth of bonus content
  • All a player needs is One Joy Con Controller, so two people can team up right out of the box: Number of Players: up to 4 players: Genre: Action, Adventure
  • Tackle 164 platforming courses in the two main game modes and Enjoy extra replay ability with three additional game modes
  • Two Super Mario Bros. Games in One, for double the fun
  • A variety of playable characters are available, some with unique attributes that affect gameplay and platforming physics
Bestseller No. 2
Super Mario Top Trumps Match Board Game
  • Top Trumps Match, The Crazy Cube Game – Super Mario Edition
  • Be the first to match five of your favourite Super Mario characters in a row – horizontally, vertically or diagonally
  • But wait! Can your opponent steal the game? Turn over the Top Trumps card to reveal if they can take the match and win the game
  • Play with 15 of your favourite characters including Luigi, Princess Peach and Wario
  • Easy to set up and pack away, Top Trumps Match comes in a handy self-contained plastic case - play anytime, anywhere

Super Mario bros is a nice game that was initially released in the year 1985 and this game can be played on various platforms that include android, Wii, Game Boy, Arcade Game, and so on. Can I play super Mario bros u on Wii? This is the question that I heard a lot from my surroundings. The answer to the question is No. We can play the original super Mario bros on various platforms. Likewise, anyone can play the super Mario bros u on Wii u. Is it easy to super-mario-bros-uget the super Mario bros to our android mobile? Read this article to know the ways for the super Mario bros download.

Super Mario Bros U:

In the new super Mario bros u, the players can fly in the air with the help of the flying squirrel suit. Furthermore, in this game, you can get some multicolored Yoshi characters that help you to save you from enemies. The multicolored Yoshi’s can last for some time and it acts as a great shield and it helps to eat enemies who are disturbing you in your path.

Can I play super Mario bros u on Wii?

It is quite difficult to play the super Mario bros u on Wii console. But, we can play the super Mario bros u on Wii u console. The Wii U gamepad allows you to play the super Mario bros u in a new manner and in this game; you can meet the new cast when compared to the original super Mario bros.

Characters in the super Mario bros u:

In the original super Mario bros, we can see a lot of attractive characters and at the same time, the new super Mario bros also introduces different new characters. They are listed below,

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Yoshi
  • Baby Yoshi
  • Bowser Jr.
  • Bowser
  • New enemies
  • Yellow toad
  • Princess peach
  • The Koopalings
  • YOUR Mii
  • Blue toad

characters-in-the-super-mario-bros-uThese are some of the different characters that you will meet in the super Mario bros u. The new super Mario bros u is something different and the gameplay of this game is simply nice.

Super Mario bros u – Difficult game:

It is believed that the super Mario bros u is one of the most difficult games to play. It is the most difficult 2D Mario games and the first few levels can be easily played by beginners, but the later levels cannot be easily played without any experience. If you’re a Mario expert, you can easily play the super Mario bros u.

Final words:

If we start to play the super Mario bros, we can enjoy more and it gives more entertainment to us. Simply saying, the new super Mario bros u is nice to play and it is a great entertainment at all. Stop reading and simply download the super Mario bros and play it on your favorite platform or play on the Wii u.