crash bandicoot
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Video games are very influential and addictive. They are said to be one of the reasons fandoms are formed. They provide a different experience while playing and are easily likeable. One of the famous video games is Crash Bandicoot. Published in 1996, Crash Bandicoot was soon popular due to its unique characters and storyline. Although originally designed for the PlayStation, the series soon appeared on multiple platforms and went under different developers and many genres.

The games are mostly based on fiction. They are based on an island called Wumpa Island, which is situated in Australia, where humans live along with mutant animals. The main character or the protagonist is a mutant bandicoot called Crash, whose peaceful life is always interrupted by the main villain Doctor Neo Cortex who wants Crash dead. Most of the time, Crash defeats Cortex, but there are instances where they work together as well.

Playable On Different Platforms

The game became so popular that it was later made for several other platforms other than PlayStation. The game came up with a lot of sequels due to its popularity and unique plot. The first version was exclusive only to PlayStation which consisted of the two main characters, but later versions also introduced many new characters. The game was redesigned in 2007 with improved graphics and controls. The game has several series on multiple platforms like Crash Bandicoot 2, Crash Bandicoot 3, Crash n’ Sane trilogy, Xbox One Crash Bandicoot n’ Sane trilogy PC, Crash Bandicoot Remastered, Crash Bandicoot, Xbox Crash Bandicoot, PS1 Crash Bandicoot, PS3 Crash Bandicoot, PC Crash Bandicoot, Online Game Crash, Bandicoot Warped etc.

Better Moves And Collectibles

The previous versions had a limited number of moves like jump and spin, but the new versions come up with many more and even better moves like a high jump, high spin jump, body slam and a slide attack. With each win, the player is awarded with newer, more powerful abilities after every boss is defeated. There are also many collectibles available like extra rewards like almost every adventure game. Here, the most popular collectible is the Wumpa fruit which is found on most pathways. This fruit is meant to restore health and increase weapon strength. The other valuables are different colored gems and crystals. These help you gain extra points and also have promising rewards.

Linear Structure

The game has a pretty linear structure just like every other adventure game. It has a series of maps and gems to earn rewards. The levels are divided into five sets. You need to defeat the boss in order to get into the next level. Overall, the game is pretty enjoyable and entertaining. The game keeps the players hooked with its promising rewards and plot.

The game’s series gained so much popularity that Coro Coro Comics created a Manga series called Crash BandicootDansu! De Jump! Na Daibōuken having around two Manga volumes in total. It also has an anime with the same name. Overall, the game is quite fun to play if you are an adventure seeker!