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Are you a 90’s kid or a nerd who dreams of a super mario bro pc edition? If you used to own one of the legendary consoles like Nintendo Entertainment System or PS1, you might miss playing the old, yet gold titles of the era. Don’t worry; we have to treat you today. If you are a hardcore Mario fan and would love to play some of his great titles today, we have something for you. Following, we are going to give you how a guide for how to play every Mario game on your PC.

Super Mario Brothers

Do you know that the first Mario game was released on Famicom and was later adapted to Nintendo Entertainment System? The long-running series which left its footprint in the early 1980’s won hearts all around the world.  The series has spanned over thirty years and covered different platforms including arcade, handheld consoles, and Nintendo. The whole series may seem like a spin-off of Donkey Kong, Mario now stands as an independent franchise which overshadows the first title.

Since the introduction, the series laid ground to many titles which cover sub-series including Yoshi, Wario and Mario Kart. Over the decades, the game has moved from seven different platforms including five handheld consoles. Although there is not an official super mario brothers pc edition, the game has been developed, after a fashion, for the PC – more to come on that later.

The Mario series proved to be Nintendo’s first big success, and often the titular character of series played as the villain. In the wake of its success (although it was developed as a flagship franchise), Mario led to the development of many great games and did its part of defining the gaming industry and genre as we know them today.

The Company Mascot and Legacy

Mario is serving as the mascot of Nintendo for a long time and has created a legacy of its own. At the time, it competed with Pac-man and other games which berated Mario’s simple gameplay and design elements. Later on, these very elements and the dare to be simple made Mario the success it is.

Today, Mario and the series has become more of a pop culture icon and has starred in different games, comics, feature films and even in television. He has enjoyed his own merchandise and had a series of anime over the whole period.  It may sound like a comic relief, but many places have been named after him as Bergsala and Baltic Countries can be found in Mario’s Street 21 in Sweden.

The legacy of this character is even recognized by the Guinness World Records who awarded it and since, the series has appeared in seven world records. The records are based on Mario’s success venture which covers Best Selling Video Game Series of all Time, first movie based on a game and the most profitable gaming character.

Just a hint of his popularity, he has appeared in 2016 Summer Olympic Closing Ceremony to promote the 2020 Summer Olympics which will be taking place in Tokyo. In a recorded video, the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe himself became Mario and used a Warp Pipe.

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How to Play Mario Bros pc style?

Super Mario games proved to be a milestone in gaming history. For an 80’s and 90’s kid, these games bring back some cherished memories. Developed back in 1981 by Nintendo, Super Mario remains one of the top-selling games to date.

screenshot from super mario bros pc game emulator

If you are a big fan, and a PC user who wants to play these incredible titles, you don’t need to buy a brand-new console, you can easily get Super Mario Bros PC games, downloading them to your PC and ply it from there. But how exactly to you get your copy of super mario bro for pc, when it has never been officially released? We are giving you a brief guide for that!

How to get New Super Mario Bros on PC?

Lets get straight into it and explain exactly how to get new super mario bros on pc. As we’ve mentioned previously, there is no official super mario bros pc version, so we need to make a few tweaks to the computer in order to make things work.

Below you will find each of the required steps broken down into chunks that are easy to follow. By the end of this article you will have all of the knowledge required to download and run super mario bros pc style.

Super Mario Bros Emulator Download

These are programs developed by third parties, mainly fans of a particular franchise.  These help people to play console games including PC Mario Games on their personal computer, as well as other platforms. Following Is a quick introduction:

Emulator: This software is designed to mimic the hardware of a console which lets your computer play their respective titles.

Rom: This is a ripped copy of the actual game tweaked according to the emulator and respective platform.

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  • 【Three modes in one】 Nintendo Switch is designed to...
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The Best Super Mario Bros PC Emulators

Now that you have established what emulation is, you need to set up your console but be careful about the software you use.

  • RetroArch is by far the best emulator to play every retro game you can think of. It is highly tested and reliable. This comes with a number of intuitive features including a well-designed GUI for the menu.
  • It may be a bit challenging for novice players but offers a brief guide (make sure you go through it). In case you want to use an emulator for more advanced consoles and especially of Nintendo consoles for Mario titles, check out the following suggestions:
  • Nestopia: Designed for Nintendo Entertainment System, this is easy to use the option that runs all your favorite Mario games without a hitch. It’s reliable and tested. It’s well-received for its smooth gameplay and the tendency to play a wide array of titles.
  • Snes9x: Made on Super Nintendo Entertainment System, it’s simple and reliable. It runs well on most titles and known for being extremely friendly. It offers great customization options and plays titles from a few other Nintendo consoles. This is among the most sought after emulators.
  • VBA-M: Designed for Game Boy, the VBA-M enjoyed great reviews and up steam popularity due to its simple interface and playing for hours without a problem. It runs every game designed for Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advanced. SO, you shouldn’t have any problem playing your favorite Mario games with it.
  • DesmuMe: This is said to be the best bet when it comes to Playing Nintendo DS games. The emulation is free of glitches even after hours of use. The touch controls are replaced for mouse, and you shouldn’t have much trouble getting used to it.

These are the best platforms given for any platform. Once you have one of these emulators then you can get your super mario bros download and run it from your PC.

How to use an Emulator?

Every emulator we have mentioned above has its differences but nails one thing, it lets you load rom and play your favorite Mario titles. Following, we are giving you a quick guide for how to use emulators

Note: These programs don’t come with installations as other Windows programs. They are portable and come in a folder that has everything you need. You can put the folder wherever you need and unzip it there

  • Fire up the emulator by double clicking exe file in windows, and you will get an empty window next
  • Click File> Open and search for your rom. Open the rom, and it will run in an instance
  • After this, you can start to pay the game immediately, go in full-screen mode but before you do that, make sure you learn about the key layout and customize it as you see fit
  • Plug in the console itself and configure it

By this, you should have no problem in playing your favorite Mario game on Pc or whatever you have. You don’t need to tweak much. But if you use a Mac instead of Windows, don’t worry, we have a solution for you.

Try Open Emu, it’s designed for Mac and can play a wide array of games based on the Nintendo Consoles. This only works on Mac, not on Windows or iPhone. Even though, that will be useless because there are many titles released for the iPhone.

So, here you have the solution to play your favorite Nintendo games on PC (and Mac). These emulators often come with games, but that doesn’t mean they included every one of your favorite titles. This means you have to search for your favorite titles online. There are many Super Mario Bros download sites and we are going to discuss some of them below here.

List Several Places to Download Super Mario Bros

Now you know how to get mario bros for pc, its time you find the games you want to play. Since its introduction, the Mario Franchise has churned out sequels, spin-offs, and prequels every year. These are aimed at different audiences across different platforms. Thanks a PC, you can enjoy almost every one of them in one place. But you need to download super mario bros for PC in the first place.

To get over this, following we are describing the different types of places where you can get your desired titles from. It’s going to be a long haul, so bear with us.

  • Peer to Peer

We all know about this. The fact is, even so, much pressure for these being closed down, they are still alive thanks to the popular demand. These sites offer a wide array of libraries of all sorts of media and online products. These are a great place to start your search. First, you need to write down the titles you want to download and search for a couple of Peer to Peer Sites. For example you might type in super mario bros download or mario computer games.

Try searching all of the titles on every site you can find (it will take a lot of time) but will be worth it! Try out the titles and see which site offers a better super mario bros game download. Once you note it down. You should organize a downloading routine and make sure you stick to it.

  • Online Drives

Another great location for finding your favorite titles, but we don’t mean only Google drive. There are many online services who offer such content, but it won’t be free of cost. Yes, you will need to pay a subscription fee or for the content. This may or may not be better than peer to peer depending on your expectations.

If you wanted free games for Super Mario Bros, then it will be a disappointment because you will need to pay. If you can spend a bit to savor the fun, then these will be of great help. Well, not all drives are trustworthy and offer exactly the right content for your needs.

So, it will be better of you did a bit of research before you pay them. You can look for reviews or customer testimonial; they will give you a real insight into what the site offers and is it worth of your trust and money or not.

  • The Official Websites

Of course you can get Mario computer games from the official website and this may seem like the best option, but it’s not. Sure, it’s a lot safe and perfectly legit, but this shouldn’t be the first choice for downloading your favorite titles for the rom. First, they will be great for any recent releases but don’t expect them to offer you great old titles, and by chance, if they do, they will cost you a bit of money. So, probably not the best choice, but it should be your last resort.

Find the official site, bookmark it and check it for updates after every major release. Also, you will get better categories there and will help you to double the titles. So, these may not be the best choice for downloading Mario titles, but they are a gold mine of Intel. So make sure you visit these very often.

  • Libraries

These are not to be confused with drives. These are sites which have libraries of games (better roms) they are not peer to peer sites as you don’t need to use their client to download anything. Just a good download manager will do the trick.

Of all the options for finding your favorite Mario titles, these are the best. The libraries are free of cost and have great download speeds. The only problem these libraries is they may not have every title on your mind, but neither do the other options. So if you are hardcore Mario fan and want to play the original Mario Brothers PC edition games, these are the best bet to find your beloved titles.

You will need to take your tie to research, most sites offering rom won’t be easy to browse through and depending on how old the console or title is, you will have to dig deep in their archives before you find the title.