How to Get Diamonds in Royale High

How to Get Diamonds in Royale High

Aurora demonstrating how to get diamonds from gems in Royale High
Aurora demonstrating how to get diamonds from gems in Royale High
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Diamonds are currency in Royale High. They are like money in the real world. You can buy pretty much anything with diamonds but the most expensive item that you buy is the Dear Dolly Princess Heals and the Princess Starfrost Figure Skates which are both 50,000 diamonds.

Because you can buy items such as these, diamonds are in serious demand among your typical Royale High players and everyone wants to know where to get Diamonds, how to farm them and basically how to get as many diamonds in the cheapest way possible.

Where are the Diamonds in Royale High?

Tiny diamonds spawn all over the place apart from areas such as your apartment, which is private. You can pick up a few diamonds per Gem – the tiny Gems float around places and if you touch them, you will receive diamonds from them. The most diamonds you can get from these gems is 20 diamonds.

how to get gems on Royale High

Gems are tiny items that float around in every location of Royale High. The only place that you will not find any gems floating around is inside your apartment as that is your own private place and Gems cannot float around there.

So, you can’t really “get gems” as such, they are already found everywhere, all you have to do is go to any of the Royale High Realms and you will see them floating around.

The Best Way to Farm Diamonds in Royale High

Diamond farming or AFK farming, as it is more commonly known, is where you go to places such as pageant, or one of the floating diamond locations, and use a special windows program that makes you repeat actions.

This works best from a Windows computer but can also be done, to some extent, on iOS devices such as the iPad for the pageant option.

For the pageant option what you do is make your name as AFK or AFK trying to get diamonds and put on a good outfit and leave for a bit. When you come back you will have at least some diamonds.

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The gem option is mainly for use on the computer and is a little more complex. You install a Windows approved program that makes you repeat actions. You get the screen on your computer, press record and then jump on the gem. After you have done this, press stop and then press play. This will cause your character to repeat that same action over and again.

Once you have this set up you will be jumping up and down repeatedly and as soon as the diamond comes back you will collect it instantly. Once you have left that running for a few hours you should have a lot of diamonds.

How to Get More Diamonds in Royale High

As well as the things that have already been mentioned above, there are several other ways in which you can increase the number of diamonds that you receive. We have outlined the main ones below.

Purchase the Diamond Multipliers

Diamond multipliers are a game pass that you can buy for the game which multiplies the amount of diamonds that you get for the login, or the diamonds that you collect from gems on the floor.

Diamond multipliers must be purchased from the shop and they vary in price. For example, Double Diamonds helps you to earn double the amount of diamonds as you normally would. At the time of writing the Double Diamond Multiplier is 749 Robux.

The quadruple diamonds pack does the same thing except that it gives you 4 times as many diamonds as you would normally receive. The quadruple diamond pack costs 1649 Robux at the time of writing.

If you think those options sound good on their own, it gets even better. If you purchase both of those packs together then you will receive six times as many diamonds as you normally would. This makes it a really great way to get more diamonds in Roblox Royale High. The only stipulation is that you have enough Robux to buy these packs in the first place.

Login Daily

Usually when you log in and press play you will spawn in your apartment. There is a computer in your apartment and if you sit down on this chair and log in you will receive a certain amount of diamonds. The amount of diamonds increases every day. Once you have done this for 10 days straight, it will go back to the beginning. So, you get 12,000 diamonds every 10 days if you add it all up together.

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The luck Spin Wheel

The lucky spin wheel is in the Earth Realm. If you tap the lucky spin wheel (which you can use every nineteen hours) you can spin it. Sometimes you get nothing, sometimes you will die (!) but sometimes you will get diamonds or a clothing item. If you land on a clothing item that you already own, then you will get 300 diamonds instead.

The most amount of diamonds that you can get from the lucky spinning wheel is 1000.

The Fountain of Dreams

The fountain of Dreams is a fountain with water in it. If you tap on the water, then you will be given a story and multiple choices to interact with that story. Sometimes you can lose diamonds, sometimes you can get diamonds or XP and if you are very lucky you may be given a Halo.

A Halo is an extremely rare item that is worth a lot of diamonds. Depending on the specific Halo that you get, it can be worth up to 500,000 diamonds. An example of such an expensive one is the Halloween Halo, which was in fact worth that amount (Yes, you read it right – half a million diamonds).

Sleeping & Levelling Up

When you sleep you get XP. XP helps you to level up and every time you reach a new level you will get 300 diamonds.

The thing to remember here as well is this; if you have one or both diamond multiplier passes then you will receive more diamonds – if you have the double pass you will receive 600 diamonds, if you have the quadruple pass you would receive 1200 and if you have both of those packs then you would receive 3600 diamonds.

So, it is important to always consider using multiple techniques in combination with one another, to maximise the amount of diamonds that you can receive.

Glitching the Art Studio Window

This is a little hard to explain, this one involves going to the Royale high School and glitching through a window in the art classroom, here is a video to explain it a bit better:

Now you know the best ways to get diamonds!

Featured Image credit: Charlotte Fudge. Image description: One of the tiny gems floating around the earth train track; be careful because the train might run you over!

Co-written by Charlotte Fudge.