Super Mario Run for Apple iPhone iOS
Super Mario Run for Apple iPhone iOS
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If you are anything like me then you have probably searched for the Super Mario Bros iphone game in the Apple store many times in the past only to be very much saddened when you could not find it.

It really was one of the most iconic games and I have always been hoping and praying that it would be re-release for the iPhone – and other mobile devices for that matter.

Although you will find other alternatives that pop up occasionally – like this unofficial Super Mario clone for iphone 6 there really isn’t anything like the real thing.

Official Super Mario Bros iphone Game

Well finally the wait is truly over. Well, thats not quite true – its almost over. Because we now know for sure that Nintendo are working on an updated version of Super Mario Brothers. This updated game is aptly named Super Mario Run and it is official – the game is going to be released on iOS.

super mario bros iphone

So finally we will have a modern version of Super Mario Bros for the Apple iOS and we will be able to play the iconic game in the iphone. The best part is that because its an official version its going to be good, its going to have amazingly accurate graphics, its going to be fast, its going to be bug free and its going to be absolutely fantastic.

What do we know about Super Mario Bros for iOS?

We now know that Nintendo are definitely releasing this game because it was announced recently by Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto. Shigeru took the stage during the announcement from Apple about the new iPhone 7 and he shocked everyone present with confirmation that they would be releasing a full sized super mario brothers game for iOS.

But what else do we know about the game – how similar is it going to be to the original Super Mario Bros? Will it have the same design? Will it be in 2D or 3D and what will the game play be like?

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Super Mario iOS game modes

From this announcement we know that there are going to be at least 3 game modes that you can play in depending on the type of game you want to play and what goals you want to set for yourself.

The first mode will be your typical single player mode where you have to work your way through super mario land, collecting coins and heading for the finish line.

The second mode will be similar to the first mode but you will also be racing and competing against other players that have completed the same course – this mode sounds quite similar to the ghost mode that has been featured in other Nintendo games in the past – where you can race against your previous self.

The third mode is something a bit different and involves the creation of your own mushroom kingdom that is based on the play results of the previous two modes. The way that Shigeru describes this makes it sound a bit like the map of the land that was in the original game but perhaps this will be somewhat more interactive.

Will the iOS version of Super Mario Bros 2016 be free to play?

Super Mario Bros 2016, or Super Mario Run as it is going to be called, will be free to a certain extent. The idea seems to be that the game will have a cut down version – perhaps just a handful of levels – that can be played for free as soon as you download the Super Mario Bros iOS App but then if you want to progress on to the later levels of the game you will need to purchase a premium upgrade that will give you access to all of these other levels and possibly to additional features as well.

Some people will be annoyed that the game is not totally free but after all Nintendo have likely had huge development costs to get this game back and working on the iPhone so you cant really blame them for wanting to recoup some of these costs.

The good news is that the game is reported to come with a fixed and one-time cost  this is good and unlike some other iOS games will hopefully mean that once you have bought it, thats it and you dont have to keep paying for additional upgrades.

What will the graphics be like in the new iOS version of Super Mario?

Luckily we were also given a sneak peak of the new Super Mario run game for iOS during the announcement. YOu can see from the below video on Youtube that the graphics look really cool in the new version of the game.

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You can see that we have the same vibrant colors as the original and the same red and blue character that is Mario.

In addition the game does also have some aesthetic updates.

3D Super Mario Bros

The game seems like it will have a somewhat 3D look and feel to it. For example in the video you can see that the bricks that Super Mario jumps over have a 3D feel to them.

Although luckily the game still seems to have its 2D game play feel with the character running along horizontally. This is good because that really embodies the fun and excitement of the original game without taking away from that too much with flashy new graphics.

Enhanced background scenery

Another graphical enhancement seems to be the backgrounds and scenery that are visible during game play. From the video we can see that there is a lot more detail in the backgrounds and it seems like a lot more effort has been put in there. This is great because whilst it doesn’t distract too much from game play it does give the game a bit more depth.

What dont we know about the new Super Mario Bros iOS game?

So it seems like we have all been given a pretty big insight into the new Super Mario Run game – we can see what its going to look like, we have a good idea of what the game play will be like and what goals we can work towards, but there must surely be things that they have not revealed?

There are likely to be lots of things that we dont know about the game – for example will there be any live or public leader boards for the game – so that we can compare our scores amongst ourselves? Will there be any interaction between players? For example it would be great if we could play against each other in real time.

Another big question is whether or not there will be any cheats available for the game. Of course not everyone likes to cheat, but for those of us who finish these types of games quickly its nice to have a play around with some funny cheats. Equally for those of us that really struggle with these types of games its nice having the option of a helping hand – like unlimited mushrooms or unlimited turtle shells to kill the bad guys.

When will Super Mario Run be available to download?

If you take a look in the Apple istore on your iphone or your ipad device you will likely see that the Super Mario Bros game is already listed in the marketplace.

However, when you click on the game it just says “coming Soon”. Its pretty cool as well because there is also a button labelled Notify which you can click in order to be notified when the game is actually available to download. Be sure to do this, that way you will know as soon as its available and you wont miss out on any time for playing what is likely to be a super fun game.

The actual release date for the Super Mario Bros game has also been set for December 2016 – so we know that it is not going to be long at all before its available. However there is no fixed date in December so it could be at the start or further towards the end of December.

Will there be any real world interaction?

The last question is following on from the huge success of the Pokemon Go interactive game, will there be any elements of Mario Run that follow the same line as this game. For example, in Pokemon Go you can view the game super-imposed over your camera so that it looks like the Pokemons are physically present in front of you. Seeing as this new type of game play has been so successful we wonder if Nintendo might do something similar with Super Mario run. It may not be the case with the first release of the game in December but perhaps in coming releases it is something that will bring in.