Super Mario Bros Xbox 360 vinyl cover
Super Mario Bros Xbox 360 vinyl cover
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If you have an xbox 360 and you love Super Mario Brothers then what better way to show in than by purchasing a Super Mario Bros Xbox 360 Vinyl cover?

What are xbox 360 covers?

Xbox 360 covers are basically designs that you can lay over your xbox 360 to make it look much better. The covers tend to be made out of vinyl material that is really easy to stick on to the xbox 360.

The great thing about this material is that it looks really good, it fits really well onto your xbox and it pretty much looks like the xbox 360 had that design printed directly on to it. However, the difference is that you are not damaging your console in the process – the cover is removable at a later stage if you change your mind about it. For example you might either decide that you no longer want that particular design, or you might decide that you want a different design for your console.

How do the covers work?

Applying the cover is extremely simple. They tend to come in several parts – for example on most xbox 360s the vinyl covers that you get will be in 3 parts for the main console – one part for the front and 2 parts one for either side.

With the stickers you just stick them straight onto the appropriate part of the console and then smooth them out so that there are no creases or bubbles in the vinyl material.

Dont worry if you put the cover on incorrectly at first – it can easily be adjusted or removed completed without any damage being done to the console or to the cover itself. Because the covers are vinyl there is no sticky residue left behind and the cover itself will not become any less effective if removed and refitted.

Where can I buy super mario bros xbox 360 covers?

The best place to get these vinyl covers for the xbox 360 is on Amazon. The prices on Amazon tend to be very competitive (Meaning you always get a good deal) and you normally get super quick delivery whilst also being covered by Amazons buyer protection policy.

One thing that you should be aware of when you are looking to purchase a super mario brothers cover for your xbox 360 is that there are different types of Xbox consoles and there are different types of covers that are designed specifically to fit each type of console.

Finding the right cover for your console

The way to find the right cover is firstly to work out what type of Xbox 360 console you have. There is a great guide available here that will help you to identify your exact model of Xbox, if you dont already know it.

Once you have your exact type of Xbox then you can search for that specific cover. For example you might search for super mario bros xbox 360 E slim cover if that is your exact console type.

Once you find the cover on Amazon, or on any other website then you can read the details of the product to confirm exactly which version the cover is for.

Xbox 360 E Slim Super mario covers

Super Mario Bros Xbox 360 vinyl cover
Super Mario Bros Xbox 360 vinyl cover

If you have an Xbox 360 E Slim then this is a really cool cover with a dark tone to it that will fit your console perfectly:

Xbox 360 original super mario bro covers

If you have an original xbox 360 console then this set of covers that we found on Ebay should be the perfect fit.

super mario bros vinyl cover for xbox 360 original
super mario bros vinyl cover for xbox 360 original

Xbox 360 slim vinyl covers with Super mario bros design

If you have the Xbox 360 slim console (Not to be confused with E Slim) then you will again need a slightly different type of vinyl cover. In this case we also found a set of covers that will fit this edition of the console. This set of Mario Bros covers are also available from Amazon and can be found by following the link below.

Super mario bros xbox 360 slim vinyl cover
Super mario bros xbox 360 slim vinyl cover

Other types of Xbox 360 console

If you have any other type of Xbox 360 console that is not listed here then you should revert back to Google and try to do a more specific search with the term Xbox 360 vinyl cover and also include the specific make and/or model of Xbox console that you have as well.

If you do find any results then always be sure to order from a trusted source – for example Ebay, Amazon and other well known web stores are normally safe to order from but if you come across an unknown store that you have not previously heard of then it may be best to avoid ordering from them.